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Changes have came and gone with programming as well. Our old station, WWBK 128 on SHOUTCast has been shut down and broken into two independent Windows Media stations - namely WWBK 1280 for our broadband listeners and WBCR 93.1 for our dial up listeners.

Since then, we have undergone many revamps including the addition of a chat application, a new website design, the addition of forums and our return to SHOUTCast's airwaves on January 2, 2009.

TheBKConnection Radio Network, home of the New York - Unleashed and Sincerely, Sincerity radio shows and such personalities as Double R, Cabezon, and Illeos - among others, will be finally sticking to a format in Internet Radio.

In response to a change in laws regarding Internet radio stations, TheBKConnection Radio Network - its staff and affiliates - have agreed to a change in format, which essentially returns programming on BKC's 3 Internet stations to their previous interactive talk formats, thus abandoning their Top-40 Internet radio status. This move is to ensure the continued operation of their stations within compliance set forth by the RIAA and various other agencies.

In addition to a format change, BKC is also set to announce openings in their lineup to accomodate a more diverse audience as well as a slot reserved exclusively for programming by their network affiliates, BVEstation.

TheBKConnection currently operates 4 stations - WWBK 1280 New York, WBCR 93.1 Riverhead on Windows Media, KBCR 96.5 on Nullsoft SHOUTCast, and our Windows Media HD station, WBKX 103.9 HD1.